Creating cultural and inspirational connections

Hong Kong-based publisher International designers Network (IdN) enlisted Plus on its mission of targeting the creative community with the goal of unifying it, IdN reaches a global audience of creatives through IdN magazine, creative conferences and numerous books on art, fashion and design.


Plus helped to bring IdN’s “Tactile Design”issue to the iPad. The app baked the idea of discovery into reading and navigation. Easter eggs of rich media are revealed as the reader moves through the issue, allowing for a deeper interaction.


IdN asked Plus to help raise awareness of the brand in the US action sport market, where an opportunity to connect core IdN brand elements with consumer passion existed.

Plus decided to use skateboarding and art as the topic for the article we wrote. We interviewed some of the best-known skateboard artists from the original West Coast school such as Jim Phillips of Santa Cruz as well as the East Coast 5Boro crew of Nardelli and Grotesk. The feature explored their thoughts and opinions on the symbiotic relationship between art and skateboarding, and how the industry has been fueled and defined by it.


For the style issue, IdN asked Plus to explore what style means to us. The result was a fashion film capturing classic New York moments, featuring some of Plus’s more interesting local and international friends. The line up included graffiti artists, hair and make-up stylists, fashion designers, painters, art directors, photographers and actors. The film was shot on over 3000 still images, with each photo painstakingly scanned and threaded together to create a strobe effect.

Harold Hunter Day NYC Soccer Gamefinder