Reawaken the kidult in all of us.

No matter how old we get, a part of us remains rooted in the innocence of the playground, where using our imagination was the only responsibility we had. It’s this insight that makes the story of cult collectible brand Kidrobot so simple (and so much fun) for us to tell.


Cult collectible brand Kidrobot was looking for ways to re-engage its core market of tech and media-savvy influencers and generate awareness around the launch of a new series of their signature Dunny toys.

To achieve this, Plus and Kidrobot teamed up to create a five-day scavenger hunt across downtown NYC that drove fans toward retail spaces, blogger sites and culturally relevant locations. Using QR code technology, participants ‘collected’ the products on posters, t-shirts, stickers and postcards, keeping track of their progress via social leaderboards.

The execution was a great success, amplifying a street level retail stunt into a social media and PR-relevant story with over 35 million earned media impressions and a 45% increase in retail sales compared to the previous year.

This is the coolest use of QR codes I've seen—in terms of simple fun.

Cian O' Sullivan, GoMo News

To launch their first season of a new cut-and-sew line, KidRobot needed a story-driven campaign to appeal to a wider audience. Plus developed an interactive lookbook that revolved around a group of friends in a British public school. The clothing line had a phased release, so the content was created to be modular, allowing Kidrobot to expand it as more items were released.

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