Products with Personality

For over three years, we’ve partnered with Kiehl’s to find new and engaging ways to tell product stories and unify their eclectic brand. Rooted in adventure, philanthropy and science, crafted content has driven a deeper interaction with fans and an elevation of Kiehl’s brand awareness.

The Spirit of Adventure

In partnership with Kiehl’s and National Geographic, Plus created a social media campaign to raise awareness around the Cross Terrain skincare collection. The Facebook experience featured an adventure docu-series, a heritage timeline and a contest. The content was seeded across the web, quadrupling online conversations and increasing the Facebook fanbase by 16%.


With a unique blend of ingredients and method by which they’re combined, there’s an adventure story behind each Kiehl’s product. Taking advantage of this insight, Plus developed a new way of telling product stories through video and animation.

Ultra Facial Cream

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free


Kiehl’s mission is “to improve in some way the quality of the community… making for better citizens, better firms and better communities.” Through the creation of a video series, Plus helped Kiehl’s tell the story of their philanthropic efforts within local communities involved in the Kiehl’s supply chain.

Peace, Love, Kiehl’s

Earth Day

A Wonderland Of Merry with Jeff Koons

The Electric Company Nike