Speaking from the sole

Plus has worked with Nike for over 10 years, specifically in Women’s Apparel and Urban Sports. Our love of blending sport narratives and popular culture made it hard to distinguish between work and play. We really didn't mind.


To support the launch of the METRO product line, Plus created a visual journal of personal stories that inspired the collection. Using the idea of "Heraldic Crests," we framed each product around a personality, capturing a raw and spontaneous expression for the shoes.


For the launch of the Nike Presto line, we took the Beale Street Flippers and a custom 12-camera rig to a warehouse rooftop in Brooklyn with the goal of creating a graphic, engaging experience. The project was part of the Parkour Urban Adventurist campaign.


To help Nike further its legacy of innovative thinking and product development, Plus developed a series of thought leadership film featuring insights and stories shared by thought leaders from around the world. The films framed the possibilities that are influencing our future and where a company like Nike could go next.

The separation between your digital world and your physical world in the next few years is going to be completely gone...

Marcus Segal, Zynga

‘An Ode to the Urban Adventurer’ is a campaign to celebrate the glory and art of athletes in the city. Plus created films that extended the campaign and were shown in retail centers around the world.

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